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I Dream of Elton
Posted by editor_usa

A Fan of The Pop Icon’s Gets to Meet Him

Tuesday 13
March 2012 @ 16:21

One of Elton’s fans learned that persistence can pay off.

Camille Clement Gregg got to go backstage and meet Elton at his concert in Orlando this weekend.

Gregg’s dream came true after Action News aired a story about the woman and the billboard she rented, asking the singer for the meeting. Elton’s representatives arranged everything after seeing the story.

“When I met him, I asked him and he said ‘I saw everything.’ he said ‘I saw the video,’ he said ‘I saw the billboard, I saw your letter,’ and he said it just seemed very sweet and very sincere,” said Gregg.

Over the last 41 years, Camille has traveled to 106 concerts across the globe. She says the musician kept her spirit alive when she was battling cancer.

After writing Elton letters to thank him, Gregg decided to make her dream come true earlier this month, when she rented a billboard on the side of Interstate 95. It said, “Dear Elton John, I’m your #1 fan. 106 shows/41 years, Please meet me in O’Town 3/10. Camille.”

Gregg met the singer on Saturday night. He signed the very first ticket she ever got for his concert.

Her brother gave her the ticket so she had Elton write a message for him on it, thanking him.