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A boy battling cancer got a boost when he was sent a video message from the Rocket Man.

Jude Mellon-Jameson also enjoyed Elton’s Christmas card and signed items.

Mum Lucy Mellon-Jameson explained to the–that special surprises started after a hospital employee decided to help Jude through a difficult Christmas.
Besides making signs to cheer him up, this person also attempted to contact celebrities admired by Jude. The first to respond was Monty Don, who sent a personalised message.
Lucy knew it would be harder to get hold of Elton, so she ”jokingly put a post” on her Instagram Stories, ”asking if anyone had any contacts to Elton.”
A couple of days later, Lucy listened to one of her phone messages and was sure ”it was a wind up at first,” since the person claimed to be the pop icon’s assistant. The call turned out to be genuine, and Jude was delighted. He also received some toys from the songwriter, a comfort as the lad was undergoing treatment at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Weston Park Hospital.
Jude’s treatment should be completed by September, but his parents are focused on raising money to fly him to America and join a vaccine trial which should prevent his cancer from returning.
The fundraising has included football matches, bungee jumps, a disco night, and sale of second-hand clothing.
”There’s been an incredible group of people helping, from friends and family to strangers,” stated Lucy. ”If there’s any positive in any of this, it’s seeing what good things people can do.”