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Saskatoon woman collects nearly 40,000 grasshopper to win Elton John tickets

Wednesday 28
August 2002 @ 17:36

According to a report by the Canadian Press, a contest held by a Regina radio station decreed that whichever listener brought in the most grasshoppers would win the grand prize of a pair of tickets to Elton John’s Saskatoon show later this week. Brandy Elliott had enough spare time on her hands last weekend to go out and capture 39,000 of them.

The second place hopeful captured 33,000. In any case, after the count, all of the insects involved were cheerfully deposited into a dumpster located behind the radio stations offices.

Brandy destroyed several screen doors to make nets so she could spend three days driving in ditches, rounding up thousands of insects (which she would later have to painstakingly count and shove in buckets) in order to win two tickets to see Elton John.

Friday will be Sir Elton’s first trip to Saskatchewan. The 13,000 tickets for the show sold out within 90 minutes when they were released last month. On eBay, some were willing to pay more than $300 for a seat.