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I’m Your Man
Posted by editor_usa

A Music Writer’s Latest Project

Friday 28
September 2012 @ 15:52

Im Your Man is a huge new book about Leonard Cohen.


It is by music journalist Sylvie Simmons, who has written for magazines like Blender, Q, Rolling Stone and Q, and interviewed Elton, AC/DC, Neil Young and Johnny Cash, among others.


I’m Your Man contains a few references to Elton, who has worked with Leonard. But there is more of a focus on other artists, such as Rufus Wainwright, Judy Collins and Lou Reed.


There are also details about the singer’s muses and friends.


Asked if Leonard was supportive of the biography, the author says that he ”neither wanted a book about himself or asked me to write it; nor did he ask if he could read and approve what was in it.”


She adds:


”But none of these stopped him from giving his support. If I had not had his support, it would not be the book it is. In the beginning I’m sure he must have been in two minds about it – he is, after all, a quite shy and very private man. And to write a book about someone – to do it properly, to retrace the steps, go to the places he’s lived, digging around for facts and stories and insights – well, it’s a hell of an intrusion. But Leonard stopped no one from talking to me. He even talked to me himself and loaned me photos from his personal collection.”