Elton John World News: Don't Let The Sun Go Down

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UK And U.S. Papers Carry EJ Interviews

Tuesday 15 March 2005 @ 21:57 - GMT

In Britain's March 6, 2005 Night & Day, Elton explains why he wanted to do Billy Elliot, noting that it reminded him of his own childhood.

He also discusses his feelings after some recent outbursts--particularly his futile attempts to make up with George Michael.

Meanwhile, in an American interview, Elton discusses Bernie Taupin. They only see each other two or three times a year, and don't chat on the phone more than once a month. Even so, the lyricist always seems to be able to capture his mood.

Elton also looks back at the height of his popularity in the seventies. While he knew it couldn't continue, he had a hard time adjusting. Now, though, he believes that in a sense, his ''time in the sun has gone away,'' and it's younger people's turn.

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