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A Chance to Win Tickets For EJ Salute

Friday 26 August 2005 @ 16:54 - GMT

Elton look-alikes will pop up around Charleston between now and Sept. 9, the Gazette announced today.

Those recognising the singer can receive a voucher for two-for-one tickets for the West Virginia Symphonys September 9 Jeans n Classics concert Madmen Across the Water: The Music of Elton John.

Although the double who may or may not be the same person each time could appear anyplace, symphony publicists mention two strong possibilities, Taylor Books on Capitol Street and the new Panera Bread at SouthRidge.

Were doing the promotion to build interest in and awareness of the upcoming concert, said Paul Helfrich, the symphonys executive director. Its going to be very different from what the symphony usually does, so we wanted to take a different approach in promotion.

Those who would prefer to purchase tickets themselves can call 304-561-3570 or go to


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