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Elton's UK Interview

Wednesday 17 August 2005 @ 18:08 - GMT

On August 4, 2005, the Telegraph featured an inteview with Elton, who seemed to have done an about-face.

Right after Live 8, he was supportive of his duet partner, who was widely criticised for his performance. More recently, Elton called him a ''mess,'' although he ''looked great!''

In fact, the Rocket Man felt the whole event was ''a bit of an
anti-climax. The thought behind it was fantastic but Hyde Park is a charisma-free zone.There was no sense of occasion and from a musical point, I didn't think there were too many highlights.''

He admitted that when it comes to musicals, he's also not generally a fan (although he and David Furnish held a celebratory Billy Elliot bash for cast and crew in the South of France on August 13.)

And Elton discussed Eminem, praising his Ghetto Gospel remix (with a chorus from Indian Sunset). He considers it ''original'' and ''not a lazy piece of work.''

And as is often the case, Elton addressed some of his feuds. He
and George Michael are friends again, but Madonna obviously hasn't forgiven him for mocking her live show. He sent her two Christmas cards, only to have both come back.

{Undoubtedly, he'll try again to make amends, following her recent horse-riding accident which resulted in a broken hand and collarbone and cracked ribs}.

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