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Osbourne Biography to Include Elton

Wednesday 17 August 2005 @ 18:26 - GMT

 A galaxy of stars including Elton, Marilyn Manson and Billy Connolly are teaming up for a TV tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, Contactmusic.com has announced.

The former Black Sabbath singer will be joined by his famous family on the show, which will feature details of his near-fatal quad bike accident, and stories about his notorious alcohol and drug abuse.

Siance the programme will include such ''outrageous'' footage, TV executives are making preparations to ensure it is shown late at night.

An insider says, "Ozzy's had one of the most outrageous lives and this is warts and all.

"It's definitely going to have to go out after 9pm."

The currently untitled programme will air on Britain's ITV network later this year.

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