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Elton's on Top Ten in U.S. And UK

Wednesday 14 December 2005 @ 17:51 - GMT

According to Billboard Boxscore's end of the year tally, U2 were the biggest earners on the North American concert circuit.

In 2005, they made $260 million from their Vertigo tour in the region.

Others on the Top 10 include the Eagles in the second spot, and Elton, who's #7. . . .

1) U2

2) The Eagles

3) Neil Diamond

4) Kenny Chesney

5) Paul McCartney

6) Rod Stewart

7) Elton

8) Dave Matthews Band

9) Jimmy Buffett

10) Green Day

And overseas, Elton was voted fifth worst when it comes to fellows' hair styles. He was in good company: Pete Doherty, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tony Blair's 21-year-old, Euan, also made the compilation.

As for best dos, rugby ace Gavin Henson was #1, while David Beckham, Robbie Williams and Ozzy's son, Jack, were applauded for their looks.

The poll of 1,000 was conducted as part of Brylcreem's National Men's Hair Week.

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