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While Elton Plans Party, His Ex Talks to Tabloid

Sunday 18 December 2005 @ 19:37 - GMT

Elton and David Furnish have been pleading with the press to respect their privacy this week.

But their big day is already being dubbed ''Britain's gay royal wedding.''

One paper, in particular, has offered a lot of coverage. The Mirror announced that tomorrow--two days prior to the civil ceremony--Patrick Cox is organising a cabaret at Soho's Too2Much nightclub.

The host will be Paul O'Grady, and the entertainers are to include Bryan Adams, Ian McKellen, the Cuban Brothers, Eric McCormack, the Pet Shop Boys and Gary Barlow.

Guests will enjoy champagne--160 pounds a bottle--and canapes, served by waiters dressed in cowboy outfits, costing 500 pounds apiece.

In addition, the Mirror carried an interview with Linda Woodrow, who was all set to marry the Rocket Man in 1970. Then one night after he went drinking with Long John Baldry, he called it off.

The phone industry employee says she had no inkling that anything was wrong with their relationship, and still has difficulty trusting people. She is also hurt that Elton never apologised and believes his ''bitter'' views are expressed in both Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

Nevertheless, the 61-year-old has married three times, and wishes Elton and his partner the best, even if the former can be ''moody.''

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