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The Latest on ''Brokeback Mountain'' Tunes

Monday 13 March 2006 @ 17:10 - GMT

Gustavo Santaolalla's serene score for Brokeback Mountain is getting a new venue . . .  the dance floor, Variety has announced.

Gabriel & Dresden, Manny Lehman, Warren Rigg and Tony Moran have created three remixes of the movie's acoustic guitar-driven theme The Wings that have been shipped to major dance club DJs.

In addition, Universal Music Group's Verve Forecast, which issued the soundtrack, has been upping its presence with store window displays at major retailers in New York, L.A. and San Francisco.

"When we got involved with this film and the album, we knew it was going to have a long run past the Oscars," said Ron Goldstein, CEO of the Verve Music Group. He noted that the idea for the remixes came from a member of Universal's corporate communications team.

The album, which includes A Love That Will Never Grow Old, co-written by Bernie Taupin, was #1 on iTunes' Top 100 after winning a Golden Globe. It has been shipped worldwide and scanned just over 200,000 copies, Goldstein said. Half of that tally has been from the U.S.

The remixes, which Santaolalla approved, will become commercially available on April 11. MTV's Logo network will likely premiere the video from Gabriel & Dresden once it is approved.

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