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Sunday 19 March 2006 @ 19:35 - GMT

Although Boyzone singer Stephen Gately had a Las Vegas commitment ceremony with his boyfriend in Las Vegas back in 2003, he has wanted to make it more official.

Today he and entrepreneur Andy Cowles did just that, following the lead of Elton and David Furnish by tying the knot in London, where such partnerships are recognised. They exchanged matching diamond and platinum rings, and one of those invited to the private affair was Elton.

Meanwhile, there is news about some other couples who are close to Elton.

 In one case, George Michaels partner has refused to take part in a gay celebrity Wife Swap episode with TV presenter Michael Barrymore.

Kenny Goss ruled out the switch at the Terrence Higgins Trust celebrity auction at Christies this week, where a dinner date with his beau was auctioned off.

He said, it aint going to happen, dashing the hopes of Mr. Barrymore who had hoped they could join him on a one off special of the hit Channel 4 series.

Alternatives being considered include Elton and David. Incidentally, the two were voted one of the UK's top ten favourites when it comes to ''Prince Charming and Cinderella.''

Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton were in first place, and the poll was done as part of the launch of a Disney TV channel.

And as for Elton's other friends, the Sunday Mirror has disclosed that the Beckhams plan a 500,000 pound pre-World Cup party at their Hertfordshire home on May 21.

Gordon Ramsay will be head chef, and guests will include the former Reg Dwight and Liz Hurley.

An auction is also planned, with proceeds going to UNICEF, the Prince's Trust, and David and Victoria Beckham's own children's charity.


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