IGN: What are some of your favorite musical influences on a personal level?

Pearce: I get asked this a lot and the answer is really quite simple. I don't have really favorite bands or artists but I do have songs or albums that I really love. The exception to this would be, obviously, the Beatles, along with Cream, Pink Floyd and the Yardbirds but also from the '60s the early Crosby, Stills and Nash stuff, Dylan, of course, and a lot of the weirder English "Underground" acts such as Kevin Ayers and Pete Brown. From the 1970s bands such as Amon Duul II, Can, Gong (listen to Camembert Electrique, it was a revolution at the time) had a great effect on me. I was always fond of the Velvet Underground and so the evolution into the punk scene was something I enjoyed - especially the Clash - but I never really got involved in it professionally.

Most of the 1980s bored the life out of me, I'm afraid, although Paul Young's Secret of Association album was a work of genius. I was never really an Elton John fan until I got the chance to watch him work, both in the studio and on stage, whereupon I did rather revise my opinion.

I have always been influenced by the great record producers such as George Martin, with whom I was lucky enough to work on his Under Milk Wood album. Gus Dudgeon, of course, as he was the eccentric genius behind a lot of Elton's albums. Laurie Latham (Paul Young), Hugh Jones (Echo and the Bunnymen) and Chris Thomas (Elton, again, and the Pretenders) have all also had an influence on me.

At the end of the day there are too many to mention.

IGN: What have been some of your musical influences while making HoopWorld?

Pearce: None whatsoever! With projects like this it is important that it sounds unique and I try very hard not to be influenced by anything. I take into account the direction I get from the creative team and then just try to let the images of the game itself influence what I compose. The ideal situation for me is to have some video footage of the game being played and I can work from there. With HoopWorld, of course, we have such beautifully created environments that it was actually quite easy for me to get a feel of what they should sound like.

IGN: What's your family status and where do you live now?

Pearce: I am 51 years old - going on 15 - and live in Eemnes, a small village about 40 kilometers south of Amsterdam, with my second wife, Christine and our two daughters, Emma (aged 13) and Sam (aged 3). My first wife now lives in Canada while our 23-year-old daughter, Robyn, stayed in London where she has just finished studying theatre and drama. So, yes, I've had two wives but it is all legal and above board! Sadly for this story I was never at home long enough to have more than three daughters, the other 15 never got a chance although after nearly 30 years in rock and roll, you never know!