Elton John World News: A Look at Elton's Weekend

A Look at Elton's Weekend-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday 22 May 2006 @ 16:20 - GMT

Over the weekend in Cannes, Elton announced he is producing two films with David Furnish, the romantic comedy It's a Boy Girl Thing (about two characters who discover they've swapped bodies), and Gnomeo & Juliet, an animated love story.

He also launched an expletive-laden tirade against the press. It happened late on Saturday while he was giivng an award to a young actor during the annual film festival.

At a ceremony held by luxury jeweller Chopard, everything seemed to be going smoothly enough as the singer presented the Chopard Trophy to KevinZegers, who co-starred in the film Transamerica with Felicity Huffman.

"He is only 21 years old, already he showed incredible talent and maturity," said Elton, wearing dark glasses and accompanied by his friend, ElizabethHurley.

"I sincerely believe he will be a huge star and a great actor for many, many years to come."

Then, as photographers called out during his address, he added: "If you saw Transamerica, I'm talking ... you photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot. Thank you."

After handing the award to a smiling Kevin, he added, "They are a nightmare".

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