Elton John World News: A Natural Achievement

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Tuesday 2 May 2006 @ 18:31 - GMT

At the recent Billies in Beverly Hills, VIPs received products from Sarah's Spa Creations.

This included Elton, the Minnesota company's owner told EJW. She hadn't worked with him previously, but was happy to supply with him with a basket featuring an Eye Candy treatment. This contains botanical extracts to nourish and replenish delicate skin, as well as peptides to increase collagen production, relax facial muscles, and increase firmness.

Sarah Neisen started the company in November 2002. She used to be an independent contractor with an international skincare and cosmetics firm.

But she found herself selling items which she was unable to use herself. In fact, Sarah discovered many others also had chemical sensitivities.

Besides being devoted to quality, the aim of Sarah's Spa is to help others. So 10% of all profits go to community outreaches.



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