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TV Show Will Soon Have Elton on, Twice

Thursday 28 September 2006 @ 16:09 - GMT

How wonderful celeb news is when Elton John 's in the world. The ever-opinionated popster weighs in on a variety of subjects in a two-part "Access Hollywood" interview, including Whitney Houston and Clay Aiken .

On Houston , who recently filed for divorce from Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage, John says, " Bobby 's not good for her, and because of the addiction thing, she keeps going back. The writing was on the wall many, many years ago with that one."

John, a longtime gay activist, also shares his thoughts on the speculation over Aiken 's sexuality and the "American Idol" star's recent run-in on the subject during an interview with Diane Sawyer .

He understands that Sawyer had to ask Aiken if he is gay, John says, but he's personally not interested in the answer.

"I don't even care if Clay Aiken is gay or not," John tells the show. "It's none of my business."

John, 59, also discusses his own dangerous past and how it inspired him to become an AIDS activist today.

"I've dodged so many bullets," he says. "Not just because of unsafe sex, but because of the amount of drugs I did, the amount of alcohol, the amount of work I was doing. I started the Elton John AIDS Foundation because I got so lucky."

John's foundation has distributed more than $60 million to global HIV/AIDS prevention efforts since it was established in 1992.

The interview is scheduled to begin airing Friday.



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