Elton John World News: Big-Name Barrister Has Died

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Friday 15 September 2006 @ 15:16 - GMT

Earlier this month, Sir Michael Alfred William Davies passed away.

The 85-year-old was a judge in defamation cases, including those involving the likes of Koo Stark and Elton.

In the case of the latter, he inveighed against the Sun's pre-emptive front page story in 1988
announcing that it had paid Elton £1 million libel damages, before he had a chance to approve the award. The courts, Davies pointed out, were a forum for trials and disputes, not "a supine adjunct to a publicity machine for pop stars and newspapers.''

The son of a small businessman who was born in Stourbridge and educated in Birmingham, Davies also prosecuted a number of high-profile criminals. One was Ronald ''Buster'' Edwards, jailed for 15 years for his part in the Great Train Robbery.

Davies, who was knighted in 1973, retired in 1991. However, he continued to sit occasionally. He was also known as a supporter of the Welsh National Opera.

He married Margaret Jackson in 1947, and they had a son and three daughters.

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