Elton John World News: A Pet Shop Boy and Boy George

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Tennant Not Pleased With Singer's EJ Comments

Tuesday 6 March 2007 @ 15:14 - GMT

The Sunday Mirror published an article on a series of  intriguing videos posted on youtube.com, which feature Boy George complaining about the misbehaviours of a number of high profile personalities.

This included complaints that Elton tends to treat others ''like accessories'' and that he has broken up celebrity friendships.

According to the former Culture Club frontman, after several unsuccessful attempts to make him bitch about George Michael at a recent dinner party, Elton finally sent Neil Tennant to warn him during a joint night out that Elton was really upset with him.

In his exclusive column for tennat-lowe.com, Neil responded that it was a very shabby act on the part of Boy George to take the matter to the public, yet this is exactly what everyone expects of him.

Tennant declined to answer queries about the conflict. However, he did say: "Even if that night Elton didn't behave himself in the best manner with Boy George, it does not give the latter the right to discredit all of us."

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