Elton John World News: ''Billy Elliot'' on The Small Screen

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Wednesday 8 August 2007 @ 17:51 - GMT

A documentary about the West End hit Billy Elliot the Musical is showing on ITV Tyne Tees on Friday.

Northern Eye goes behind the scenes to meet Oliver Taylor, the next new Billy to join the show, and also Stockton-born actor James Gaddas who stars as Billys tough dad, according to The Journal.

Also featured in the programme are Newcastle writer Lee Hall and the musicals dance master and member of the cast Lee Proud.

The West End show recently celebrated its first birthday, but so far no North- Eastern Billy has been found to follow in the footsteps of Jamie Bell, who starred in the BAFTA award-winning film.

 Lee Hall who also wrote the lyrics for the shows songs is convinced that its just a matter of time.

He says: I think the proof of the pudding is that in Billy Elliot there is this talent out there, and Im sure there is this talent in the North-East.

All the kids that are in the musical in the West End have had the same experience, being called names and being bullied at school.

But when they get up and 1,500 people rise to their feet to cheer them and clap them, theres no better affirmation of their success.

The London stage show, with music by Elton, opens in Sydney later this year, and is set to hit Broadway and Tokyo.

Northern Eye: Wor Billy is on ITV Tyne Tees at 8 p.m.

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