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Top Party Production Company Loses in Court

Thursday 1 May 2008 @ 15:28 - GMT

A wealthy property developer has won a court battle over payment for an £800,000 party he held at Elton's abode.

Rafi Manoukian refused to pay £200,000 of the bill for the event in December 2005 to celebrate his 50th birthday and his daughter's christening.

Organiser DNA Productions - which has put on a number of White Tie and Tiara balls - took the case to the High Court where Mr Justice Evans-Lombe ruled against the company.

Manoukian was unhappy about "aspects of the event" at Elton's Windsor mansion, said the judge.

He believed his contract with DNA meant the business would supply all the food, drinks, lighting, marquees and entertainment at cost with 12.5 per cent added as a commission fee.

The Rocket Man himself performed some of his hits on the night.

The judge said he had reached the conclusion that DNA knew that Rafi thought that the services were being provided under a "cost-plus" contract.

He found that the company was expecting to receive discounts or commissions on the services it provided of at least £58,000 but disclosed suppliers' discounts of £16,000.

The judge said that the result was that there was no contract agreed between DNA and Manoukian and the company's claim must fail.

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