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DVD Set Includes Elton--As May Eminem's CD

Friday 16 May 2008 @ 16:24 - GMT

In the mid seventies, a British filmmaker completed All You Need Is Love. The documentary, which originally aired on TV, is now available on five DVDs, consisting of seventeen 50-minute episodes.

Among those seen being interviewed or performing are Elton, Edith Piaf, Jerry Lee Lewis and Stevie Wonder.

Each episode is about a particular styles, such as country, swing and blues.

Tony Palmer says the idea came about when he was talking with friend, John Lennon.

Their relationship was based around interest in music. Palmer was working at the BBC, and Lennon had some programming ideas.

"What Lennon was preoccupied with was that there was a great number of musicians who couldn't get on TV then, including Hendrix, Zappa, Pink Floyd. We had discussions about it, and that kept the friendship alive."

In the meantime, Tony became a filmmaker, winning awards for some of his projects. Then in the early seventies, there was a chance meeting.

"I was walking down the street in New York, and completely by accident, who should appear but John Lennon? I can still hear his words, like it was 10 minutes ago. 'Are you doing anything useful these days.' "

A dialogue started about music again, about what could go into a history of popular music.

"There really wasn't a coherent overview about how this thing came about. We arbitrarily made a list of what type of things should be there, ragtime, blues, music hall. We set the list over a long, long meal of brown rice."

John was too busy to be of assistance, and Tony never traded on his name and fame to get the movie made. But he did take one piece of advice from him.

"As he was leaving, he turned and said, "Oh, by the way, I've got a great title for you. Why don't you call it All You Need Is Love?"

Meanwhile, in other tidings about new releases, it has been rumoured that Elton has contributed to Eminem's latest album.

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