Elton John World News: Billy J. & Billy E. Are Among Topics of U.S. Show

Billy J. & Billy E. Are Among Topics of U.S. Show-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday 12 November 2008 @ 16:04 - GMT

Beginning in March, Elton and Billy Joel will tour all over the world, ''on and off'' for two years. This is what Elton said when he appeared yesterday on ABC's The View.

Also mentioned was the upcoming Tantrums And Tiaras DVD--which this Web site is currently holding a contest for (see bottom of Front Page for details).

Another project which was touched on was Spectacle: Elvis Costello With . . ., which will debut on the Sundance Channel on December 3, with Elton as guest. The pianist said he would have liked to have had James Brown on.

Another performer Elton expressed admiration for is Miriam Makeba, who recently passed away. He said she should have a state funeral.

Elton said the 76-year-old should be honoured as a hero in her homeland.

''She was the voice of South Africa, and she was an incredible woman.''

But much of the programme was devoted to the Billy Elliot musical. Playing in London for three years, it is opening on Broadway this week. So Elton was joined in the discussion by three Billy stars, one of whom (Kiril Kulish) danced to Electricity.

Audience members received a copy of  the Billy Elliot soundtrack as well as a copy of Best Buy's new Red Piano DVD/CD collection. They also got to see two of Elton's touring partners--cocker spaniels who ''go everywhere,'' according to the headliner.

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