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Famous Piano Store is Closing Its Doors

Wednesday 31 December 2008 @ 16:50 - GMT

David L. Abell Fine Pianos is going out of business.

Open for almost 54 years, the Los Angeles shop attracted music-makers like Elton, Quincy Jones, Frank Sinatra and the Moody Blues.  

David L. Abell also became the source to buy or rent instruments for record and movie companies.

Abell, who died in 2006, loved jazz and made his mark on the Los Angeles musical scene by supporting Southern California musicians and musical programs including the UCLA Jazz Studies Program

In 1999, he sold the store to Dennis Hagerty and Jeff Falgien of Keyboard Concepts. Despite the fact that Keyboard Concepts has four locations throughout Southern California, they decided to retain the David L. Abell name for the store on Beverly Boulevard.

Hagerty remarked:

 We are sorry that we have to close the doors. But in this economic climate, its no longer feasible.

Keyboard Concepts is conducting a sale of all the existing inventory at David L. Abell. The store is known for its selection of high-end pianos including Yamaha grands and vintage Steinways.

 All those pianos must be liquidated and will be sold at very dramatic savings, Hagerty said.

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