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Elton's ''Bad Blood'' Collaborator is Making News

Friday 6 February 2009 @ 15:34 - GMT

The Citizen recently ran a piece about a man whose career was resurrected when Elton signed him to Rocket Records.


Although 69 years old, Neil Sedaka has more projects than many contemporaries.

The Brooklyn, New York native recently released his first children's album, Waking Up Is Hard to Do, and a symphony, Joie de Vivre. Sedaka also plans a studio album with Canadian producer David Foster and a piano concerto titled Manhattan Intermezzo.

"I've never thought at this age I would have a great run of creativity," said Sedaka.

"I did have a big comeback in 1975 and shocked a lot of people. They thought I was a ghost from the '50s. But I've been performing over the years so I've never lost touch."

A musical play based on his life is ready to premiere this fall in England. It's written by Philip Norman, author of books on Elton and John Lennon.

Sedaka said there's been enough heartbreak and drama in his career to fuel the production, and promises interesting tidbits.


"My mother was married to my father for some 40-odd years and had a lover with the full knowledge of my father. And my writing partner, Howard Greenfield, had a male companion for 22 years. (Greenfield died in 1986 of AIDS.)

"But there's been a lot of survival and struggle, the turndowns and the lean years from 1963 to 1974, when I worked as sideman in recording studios because I needed the money because I was raising two children and supporting my wife. I had no gigs, it was a very difficult time."

Neil said he survived the lean years by being a "positive" person and believing that good fortune was around the corner.
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