Elton John World News: The Batch is Back

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Ben & Jerry's Has Joined Forces With Elton Again

Thursday 21 May 2009 @ 16:30 - GMT

The people have spoken. After launching a one-week, limited edition flavor to mark Sir Eltons first trip to Vermont and to raise money for his AIDS philanthropy, Ben & Jerrys has heard enough. Fans of Eltons music and Ben & Jerrys ice cream literally sent hundreds of supportive e-mails and many more phone calls to Ben & Jerrys Vermont headquarters requesting the return of the popular flavour.

Its been one of the most amazing things, declared co-founder Jerry Greenfield. Weve seen fans whove been excited before about a flavour and cool partnerships, but this has been something else.  

The company had produced a custom flavour consisting of  a symphony of chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, butter brickle and white chocolate chunks. And the name -- Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road is a play on one of Eltons most popular song titles.

"I am so grateful to Ben & Jerrys for their commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and for extending the Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road ice cream flavour to a national audience," says Elton. "A portion of the proceeds generated from this project will help support the life-saving work of the EJAF.

The partnership between the charity and ice cream business will focus on enhancing awareness of EJAFs work, including cross promotion and a membership drive for EJAF. The Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road flavor will be available in a limited-batch on shelves of leading retailers from mid-May through summer 2009. The treat is currently available in Ben & Jerrys Scoop Shops nationwide, trumpeting another pun of one of Eltons famous songs, claiming The Batch Is Back!


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