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Monday 4 May 2009 @ 17:01 - GMT

Jimmy Russo told the Observer that Watfords honorary life president is delighted with the direction of the club going forward after he and his brother Vince travelled to see the superstar in Las Vegas last week.

The Russos were keen to meet Elton to inform him of the clubs situation, on and off the pitch, so there would be no surprises for the singer-songwriter in the future.

Vince stated in a recent interview that Elton had been kept in the dark in the past, so when the brothers met with the rocker before his final show in Nevada last Wednesday, they presented him with a manual from the club, which had reports from each department and manager Brendan Rodgers.

Jimmy, who became the Hornets chairman in March, said: The thing with us going out there is that Elton deserves respect. Not only is he a former chairman of the club but he is Watfords honorary life president and deserves to be kept informed.

He added: We told him what we want to deliver and what has been delivered. It was nice to go and see him on a positive note.

When we took over the club we were third from bottom, we are now closing the season half way up the table, so we have improved both on the pitch and off it.

It was an extremely positive trip and the vibes from Elton were that he is happy with the situation at the club going forward. He was delighted.

He is very happy with what is going on at the football club and its new structure.

The Russos flew out to Vegas on Sunday, April 19, and met with Elton on the Tuesday to discuss club matters.

The brothers then attended his final tour date in the city the following day and attended the after party at Watfords former chairmans request, before flying back on the Thursday.

Along with the manual, Elton was also presented with a new home and away kit by the club.

Due to his constant touring, the 62-year-old finds it difficult to attend games but he expressed his desire to come and watch the Hornets early next season.

Despite being on a different continent for much of the year, Elton keeps in touch with what is going on at the club and speaks to Vince Russo and Rodgers on a regular basis.

Elton, Graham Taylor and Brendan Rodgers all signed the first-ever sample shirt for next seasons new Joma kit, auctioned at the clubs end of season awards dinner yesterday.

This shirt and the two handed to Elton are the only ones currently in existence as the kit has yet to go to production.

In other Watford developments, a selection of programmes and an autograph book (including the Rocket Man's John Hancock) are being sold to benefit the area's Peace Hospice.

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