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Catching Up With a Prolific Music Photographer

Wednesday 4 November 2009 @ 17:25 - GMT

''My first break came in college when I was invited to put some of my work into a show of European color photography and music promoter Malcolm McClaren happened to see my work.

''Something must have impressed him, because he asked me to shoot the Bow Wow Wow album cover which he was producing. And thats how I got involved with music photography, by accident really.

Since then Andy Earl has amassed an enviable portfolio of work in the music industry. This has included working with Sir Elton a couple of times. He tells EJW that he photographed the pianist for a Q magazine cover in the nineties and ''secondly for the BBC, I did some portraits of him, backstage at a concert in Italy.''

Andy has gone on to do some award-winning work in advertising.

But he's still involved in music. In fact, next week, he has a large coffee table book coming out on Johnny Cash.

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