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The Results of a Court Case Involving a Celebrity Haunt

Wednesday 24 February 2010 @ 17:35 - GMT

Cipriani London, the Italian restaurant which has attracted patrons like Elton and Naomi Campbell, must change its name after losing a trademark lawsuit.

Bloomberg News has revealed that the London Court of Appeal rejected the Cipriani familys argument they should be allowed to use their own name, upholding a 2008 ruling against Cipriani International SA and Giuseppe Cipriani.

Here, the proposed use of the name Cipriani (with or without London) for the restaurant was an infringement of the clearest kind of the Cipriani, European Union trademark, the court ruled.

The lawsuit seeking to block Cipriani International from using the moniker for eateries in the UK was filed in 2006 by the owners of Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Ristorante Hotel Cipriani at the Lapa Palace Hotel in Lisbon and Ristorante Villa Cipriani at Reids Palace Hotel in Madeira, Portugal.

The Ciprianis opened the Italian establishment in April 2004 in Londons Mayfair neighborhood. A lower court had allowed the restaurant to continue using the Cipriani name pending the appeal, according to its Web site. 

The Ciprianis sold their interest in 1967 and no longer have any connection to the hotel, which first registered the trademark in Britain in 1996. The familys subsequent legal challenges to continue using the name have been rejected.

The decision is the latest blow to the Cipriani family, which last year lost its lease to the Rainbow Room, the 75-year-old Art Deco restaurant with panoramic views of Manhattan at the top of New Yorks Rockefeller Center.

In 2007, Giuseppe was sentenced to three years of probation for evading $10 million in New York state and city taxes. His father, Arrigo, received a conditional discharge for the fraud.

The hotel in Venice was founded in 1956 by Arrigo and his father, the inventor of the Bellini cocktail, who was also named Giuseppe. Rupert Guinness, the former chairman of his familys namesake beer business in Dublin, was also a founder.

The family has said they will appeal.

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