Elton John World News: Breaking News About Two High-Profile Collaborations

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Tuesday 6 July 2010 @ 15:52 - GMT

This was the first EJ Web site to mention that the Rocket Man was planning to do some concerts with Leon Russell.

While this won't take place in the fall, as first thought, it should happen next year, Billboard has revealed.

Elton says his forthcoming collaboration with Leon marks a new chapter in his recording career, explaining: "I don't have to make pop records any more."

Speaking at the launch of the album at the Electric Cinema in West London last night, Elton said: "I thought, 'The world isn't screaming for another Elton John record and I'm not screaming for it either unless it's going to be different. In the '70s, '80s and '90s, the record companies always said we had to have a single and I think I fulfilled my brief. But at 63, the singles chart isn't one I'm going to be in very often. To me now, it's all about writing albums and trying to be mature."

The Briton described Russell as his "idol" and working with him as a "humbling and moving experience." He hopes the exposure from the album, aptly called The Union, will bring new attention to his colleague's solo output.

"There's no point doing this record if it doesn't bring his work to light," said Elton. "I want him to be comfortable financially. I want his life to improve a little."

The album, which contains 16 tracks, has been described as having a rootsy, almost gospel sound. Decca is releasing it in the States on October 19, while Mercury will put out the recording in the UK on October 25.

Meanwhile, Elton has added a couple of live dates to his itinerary with Ray Cooper.

The friends play a pair of Zenith dates in December--the Zenith in Dijon, France, on the 17th and the Zenith in Strasbourg on the 18th.

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