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Girls Aloud Vocalist is Upset by Elton's Criticism

Tuesday 15 February 2011 @ 17:28 - GMT

A Girls Aloud singer says she was disappointed to hear Elton slating her band last week.

The Rocket Man  was complaining about the state of current pop music, and included Girls Aloud in his remarks.

Kimberley Walsh said: Our music may not be to his taste but musically weve always tried to push the boundaries and weve had critical acclaim from the likes of Bono and Chris Martin so its sad to hear he doesnt think a lot of it!

But the OK! columnist is trying to push his hurtful comments aside and is instead blaming the stress of becoming a father for his harsh tongue.

She added: You can put your view across without being nasty. But Ill give him the benefit of the doubt perhaps he was in a bad mood because Zachary had kept him up all night!
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