Elton John World News: Elton's ''SNL'' & ''Union'' Partner is Being Sued by His Ex

Elton's ''SNL'' & ''Union'' Partner is Being Sued by His Ex-- Posted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday 1 April 2011 @ 17:05 - GMT

Leon Russell's appearance this week on Saturday Night Live with Elton is no reason to delay until May a lawsuit brought against the singer/songwriter by his ex-wife concerning earnings she claims she is due from his works, a judge has said.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rex Heeseman instead rescheduled the start of trial of Mary Bridges' lawsuit from Monday to Tuesday, saying it will move forward even if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inductee does not show up.

Heeseman said he was not swayed by arguments for a longer delay from Russell's lawyer, Stephen Spiegel, who said the musician refuses to travel by air and goes to each concert in a motorcoach.
''You're telling me that if he had to go from Nashville to L.A. he'd drive?,'' Heeseman asked.' '`How do I know if I rescheduled it to May that he wouldn't be still driving around Texas?'''
Bridges' lawyer, Hayes Michel, opposed delaying the trial beyond next week.

''With all due respect, this is a 15-minute performance on `Saturday Night Live' on a Saturday and there's no reason he can't get to the trial on Wednesday,'' Michel said.

The attorney said he represents many musicians himself, is familiar with their touring issues and would agree to have the jury told it is not an issue that Russell may not be present the entire time.

Leon's upcoming appearance on SNL coincides with his 69th birthday. It will be Elton's second on the show and his first since 1982.

Bridges' claims against her fomer spouse include demands for payments from two albums they made together when they were married.

Russell and Bridges were husband and wife from 1975 to 1980, and during that time recorded the albums Wedding Album and Make Love to the Music together, according to the complaint filed in July 2008.

The former backing vocalist for Sly and the Family Stone's Little Sister alleges the piano player has ignored her demands -- made under the terms of a May 1983 agreement -- for her share of the monies from the master recordings of the two records, as well as his earnings from distribution deals for the albums One for the Road and Americana, and a Saturday Night Live DVD box set that includes her performance.


Leon's lawyer disagrees, saying his client doesn't owe Mary any money.
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