Elton John World News: 40 Years On

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A Musical Institution Celebrates An Anniversary

Wednesday 18 May 2011 @ 15:37 - GMT

The worlds largest collection of rock n roll memorabilia is largely the result of an accident, and it doesnt have just one home its spread out among the more than 150 Hard Rock locations around the world. A number of them contain costumes Elton has worn onstage.

Now the caretakers of this treasure-trove are taking some of their items on the road for a free tour, in honour of the Hard Rock's 40 years in business.

The Hard Rock International 40th Anniversary Memorabilia Tour, which includes goods from Michael Jackson and Madonna, starts today in New York at the Times Square restaurant. It will travel to 32 other cafes around the U.S.A. in an 80-foot-long double-wide truck specially constructed to exhibit 64 memorable artifacts once owned by rocks idols: their signature guitars; costumes, handwritten lyrics; the clothes they wore on their album covers, and even letters they wrote.

Picking just a relative handful of items out of the 73,000 that Hard Rock owns was an achievement in itself and marked by good-natured arguing over what to include. Candidates were drawn from the cafes and from Hard Rocks temporary storage warehouse.

''We could make lists all day 'I insist we take this!' 'No way, we gotta have this!' '' says tour curator and Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan of  the relics. ''We got help from fans on our Facebook page who voted.''

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