Elton John World News: Breaking News About ''Good Morning to the Night''

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Tuesday 10 July 2012 @ 16:31 - GMT

On July 16, Pnau's collaboration with Elton is being released.


The electronic-pop duo--Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore--have teamed up with label boss, Sir Elton, to rework over 40 tunes from the music veteran's '70s heyday, squeezing them into just eight tracks.

Digital Spy phoned Mayes to find out if the task was as difficult as it sounds.


Your new album Good Morning to the Night is out next week; are you nervous yet?
"I'm not sure if this has been announced, but the title track is going to be one of the songs for the Olympics. The Muse song is the official track, and we're the next song along with Chemical Brothers and Delphic. They're releasing five songs to coincide with the event, which is so exciting! Elton is jazzed about it - he told us the good news in rehearsals earlier."

Being an Australian, are you bothered about this year's Olympics?
"It being in London makes it a pretty big deal. I remember when it was in Sydney, and it was just a massive cleaning job. I'd never seen the city so manicured in my life! Expect an absence of bums for a few weeks."

The album is a collection of songs that each mix several Elton John tracks into one. Was that as difficult as it sounds?
"The funny thing with this album was that we could have kept on making it forever. Our manager had to keep persuading us when he thought a track was finished! We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and spent about four to six months just getting to grips with the masses of material we had to work with."


You started this album quite a while ago...
"Tell me about it! Clearly we took too long with it, but it was nice to dip in and out of the project as it allowed to focus on Pnau and other records we were working on. I think we spent a long time being too careful and almost too respectful of his work - Elton kept telling us to do whatever the hell we wanted."

Why did you focus only on his music from the '70s?
"We never really discussed it, but it was such a golden period for Elton's music. He released three or four albums a year and everything was hugely successful. It seemed to me like a peak of so many things in music, mainly the public being so open to all types of sounds. It was a product of the culture of the time."

Would you do it all over again with him music from the '80s?
"Oh yeah, we're already getting started on the next one - we're doing three or four volumes of this. The next will focus on the early '80s, but it's bound to dip back into his '70s work. The '80s were an interesting time as he changed producers and the way music was made was entirely different. It should be easier this time, although we're cutting and mixing everything by hand which takes time. It was definitely a labor of love. Elton recently called it the rebuilding of the Sistine Chapel!"

You signed with Elton John's label before he became a dad. Has fatherhood changed him?
"Not really, but I think he is trying to wind down a little. Zachary is on the road with him most of the time and he makes sure he spends time with him every day. He's changed in little ways - like he's bought a house with a garden rather than his penthouse flat. He's not short of energy though, that's for sure."

Which is pretty amazing at 65 years old.
"He actually said the other day this was the most enjoyable time of his life. He's not a drug addict anymore, he's sober and he's helping out new acts like us. He wants to give something back, and we're very honoured that he chose us."

Finally, how's Nick doing?
"He's great, thanks! He lives in New York now and I'm in Los Angeles. We're currently recording the next Empire of the Sun album at the moment, which has had many different sessions in many different cities over the past eight months. We're focusing on getting that done - we're working like crazy on it. We're both very busy, but that's when we seem to work best."
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