Elton John World News: A Snowball Effect

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Elton Gets Credit For a Memorial Fund's Success

Wednesday 26 December 2012 @ 16:07 - GMT

Sales of Candle In The Wind, the song performed by Sir Elton at the Princess of Waless funeral, raised an incredible £38 million for charity.

This became the fastest-selling single in history. The recording sold more than 33 million copies.

As many fans are aware, the musician donated his royalties to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

The Daily Mail reveals that the charity will close on New Years Eve, having raised a total of £138 million, money that has been used to fund more than 400 projects close to Dianas heart.

The Princess was known for helping others, visiting AIDS victims and campaigning for a ban on landmines.

John Bechard, the memorial funds accountant, said: ''When Diana died there were thousands of donations pouring in, but they were mostly around the £5 and £10 mark.

''The proceeds from Candle In The Wind gave us a remarkable chunk of money which massively raised the funds profile, triggering a snowball effect. We are indebted to Sir Elton for his generosity.''

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