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Young Singer is Heeding Advice From Elton And Bono

Monday 4 March 2013 @ 16:49 - GMT

At his recent Oscar party, Elton resisted calls to take the piano himself.

"This night is about Emeli. All about Emeli," he said while making his way around the final table. "You're in for a show."

Since then Emeli Sande has revealed that she has been receiving words of advice from Sir Elton and U2 frontman Bono on cracking America.

The entertainer told the Daily Star that despite initially wanting to take some time to hit the studio and work on her next record, it looks like the majority of this year will be spent in the States.

"I was going to take time off after the tour but it looks like I will be investing a lot more time in America," she said. "Bono and Elton have been giving me a lot of advice and encouragement."

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