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Russian Party is Offended by Elton's Stage Outfits

Friday 7 June 2013 @ 16:26 - GMT

Elton has been told to lose his flamboyant stage costumes for an upcoming concert in Russia - or face protests by anti-gay campaigners.

The singer, who will play in the southern city of Krasnodar next month, has been told by a communist group that his usual outfits are 'homosexual propaganda' that could breach local laws where promoting homosexuality is a criminal offence.

The country's Communists of Russia party has instead suggested that the 66-year-old wear 'more respectable' traditional Cossack clothes for his concert.

Local party leader Mikhail Abramyan recommended that Elton don a knee-length kaftan, knee-high leather boots, and a fur hat for the July 14th gig.

He said: ''It would be more respectable.  We have suggested it to the promoters and we hope he'll wear it,'' according to Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

The communist group leader added that his 350 members were ready to protest in the streets if the rocker didn't dress appropriately.

A spokesman for Elton had no comment as of this writing.

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