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Order restraining Pell

Thursday 29 January 1998 @ 1:00 - GMT

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Elton John got a temporary restraining order from London's High Court against a Brit tab from publishing more details about his voracious spending habits, which sources say threaten his biz empire.


The most startling revelation was a leaked letter from John's

accounting firm, Price Waterhouse, saying that the "available

headroom" of cash flow will run out by "substantial sums" by April and urging John's company to fill the shortfall "as a matter of urgency."


The Daily Mirror's stories focus on John's outsized shopping

sprees, one of which came to more than $650,000 in a day. The paper said his monthly credit card bill normally runs about $400,000. It says he has florists making 240 arrangements a week for his homes.


That in a single pre-Yule trip to Italy he spent over $200,000 in 14 shops. That he buys expensive art, plus jewelry and clothes he never wears.


John has admitted that after winning battles over drink and drugs, his major vice now is shopping. "If I see something beautiful, I have to have it," he's been quoted as saying. "Anyway, I could be run over by a bus tomorrow." John's wealth runs to the high nine figs, and he's not seen as being in danger of personal bankruptcy.


He performs a sold-out show tonight at Reunion Arena.

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