Elton John World News: Oslo shows 1 and 2 June, 2002.

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Fan report

Wednesday 5 June 2002 @ 2:00 - GMT

By Signe Kathrine Norbotten

Osloshows1and2June2002.Beautiful weather greeted us in Oslo this weekend. And a sunny weekend in the summer in the capital, means thousands of people in the streets, tourists and locals. Oslo actually had a spanish atmosphere to it. However, I dont think this was the first thing Elton noticed when he arrived. Someone told me that when he had checked in to his hotel, the Grand, something made him check himself right out again, and then move in to the Plaza. Maybe somebody yoo-hooed him?! I felt sorry for his luggage carriers. I hoped that whatever it was that made him move, we would still get an Elton in a good mood at OsloSpectrum that night. And we did. Phew...

I was really looking forward to the two concerts because I hadnt been to an Elton & Band show since Gothenburg in 1998. So, Saturday at about about twenty to eight, the lights were turned off and we heard the opening to Funeral For a Friend. The band came on stage, and then Elton in a blue-green suit looking extremely good. What a rush! And what a set list! They played some songs form SFTWC and hits from the 70s and 80s. The highlights for me was Have Mercy on the Criminal, Take Me to the Pilot, and Holiday Inn. My only dissapointment was that they didnt do Sad Songs. Elton took his time to bow to the audience between almost every song, and that is really appreciated in Norway. We are not used to that kind of gentlemanness.

I was as happy to see the band as I was to see Elton. Davey with the wind in his blond hair and pink flowery shirts buttoned only half way. Nigel who smiles all the time, looking like there is no place in the whole world hed rather be. He is so enjoyable to watch. I almost fell in love! Bob Birch and John Mahon were amazing too. Guy Babylon was hard to spot from the second and first row. I could only see his feet between the legs of Eltons grand piano, but I could certainly hear him. When Elton introduced the band he also introduced the sixth band member: The tranvestite, Olive Franks! Rude.

I feel that Elton loosens up when the audience does. That takes a while in Norway. If we stand up to applaud him, we are told by security to get our behinds down in our chairs again. It is so hard to rockn roll sitting down!! But when the first notes to Im Still Standing was played, nothing could stop us from getting on our feet. Security gave up. People screamed, ran to the stage and Elton loved it. I am not a stage-stormer myself, but I think Elton felt appreciated because of them. I loved them for making the grumpy security staff go nuts. This was, by the way, stage-storming in civilized manners. No one tried to actually get ON stage.. To bad Im Still Standing comes so late in the show.

They played for almost three wonderfl hours. Elton told us that Oslo was one of the best places to play, and we believed him. Then he left us with Your Song.

After the show, the sun was still shining and I overheard people saying: How does he do it?! He played for almost three hours! Isnt he like over fifty? And I thought: Yes he is, lady. And he is doing the same thing tomorrow night. That is our Elton.

P.S. In addition to this story our Citizen Cheryl Herman reports:

The star changed hotels during his Oslo stay. He and his band stayed at Radisson SAS Plaza. He chose the King suite, says general manager Anders Haavik, which is the biggest and ''most prestigious suite in Norway, 350 sqm, 3 bedrooms''. Haavik adds that he was a great guest and the staff already anticipate his next visit.

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