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Elton and Bernie fans enjoy surprise guest line-up on special Tour!

Monday 3 June 2002 @ 16:25 - GMT

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">By George Matlock

June 3, 2002

Elton Events is proud to announce that fans who opted to "take the plunge" with a new Tour format of Elton and Bernie places of interest at the weekend on June 1-3, 2002, were handsomely pleased they did.

Fans expressed universal delight at meeting Valerie - Bernie Taupin's first girlfriend - as well as viewing the marriage certificate for the lyricist's first wedding to Maxine "Tiny Dancer" Fiebelman dated 1971.

Elton highlights included entering the famous Frome Court flat where Elton and Bernie wrote much of their formative musical works, as well as meeting billed celebrities producer Gus Dudgeon and drummers Roger Pope and Charlie Morgan for a banquet dinner in London.

The two-day tour kicked off in London on June 1, 2002, sped into Elton's birthplace of Pinner and onto Windsor, to glimpse at Elton's latest chapter in his life, as a successful singer-songwriter, and "kiss" the Woodside stone.

Tour participants, which included fans from as far apart as the United States, Italy, Israel, Ireland and even the "local crowd" of UK fans, enjoyed a spacious, air-conditioned tour in a modern Mercedes people carrier seating 17 passengers.

Tour organisers were Dale Berryhill, the leading researcher and biographer of Bernie's life, and "drivers" Alan McCormick, sales manager of EJW.com and of Wrap It Up! and George Matlock, editor of EJW.com.

There was substantial interest for a second tour. Please see the extensive photo gallery from this event in the next few days - only on eltonjohnworld.com - and decide whether you would like to express interest on a sequel event! Let us know, using the feedback forms in the FEED ME area of the website. Thanks!

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