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Elton praises other front men

Saturday 20 July 2002 @ 17:50 - GMT

What better way to be praised than by one of the world's greatest showmen alongside Liberace?

Showstopper Elton John says the greatest front men have been Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain,
Freddie Mercury, Roger Daltrey, Sting
and U2's Bono.

But he wonders where the new generation of such performers are today.

''I mean, where's the new Iggy Pop?'' he asks in Interview magazine's August edition.

''You can't take your eyes off someone like that. With many bands nowadays, it's hard to keep your eyes on them.'' An exception for Elton is Ryan Adams. But many videos just have bands ''with their heads banging away.''

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