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Elton and Earl Scruggs nominated for Bluegrass Music award

Thursday 22 August 2002 @ 17:24 - GMT

The International Bluegrass Music Association has nominated pop stars Sting and Elton John this year, reported the Associated Press on August 15, 2002.

Elton and Sting were nominated for their work on Earl Scruggs & Friends by banjo great Earl Scruggs. The album, nominated for best recorded event, included Sting, Elton, Melissa Etheridge, Johnny Cash, Billy Bob Thornton and others. Elton performed the song his and Bernie Taupin's Country Comfort.

Winners will be announced at the International Bluegrass Music Awards show on October 17, 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The 2,500 members of the IBMA nominate and select the winners.

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