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Fan report by Jean-Paul Cloes

Tuesday 3 December 2002 @ 12:02 - GMT

Since years I hoped to see Elton performing with a symphonic orchestra, like in Australia. Thats it! Yesterday I attended with Patrick, my nephew at the "Gala Charity Concert" that Elton gave at Londons Royal Opera House.

The show started at 7:10pm. Elton, dressed in black, arrived on the Aida instrumental. We immediately noticed that the band would perform with him, as keyboard, drums and percussion were already on stage. Elton started in solo with Skyline pigeon and Border song.

For the third song, he was joined by John and Davey, who were very smart in black suits and white shirts.

As soon as the 4th song the whole band was on stage. Nigel, Guy and Bob wore the same clothes than John and Davey. Bob even wore a bow tie.

The first part of the show was a very classical Elton show but we were stunned with the high sound quality at Convent Garden. A pure delight! ! No saturation. Never ever.

At the end of the first part, about 30 choir members joined Elton on a wonderful version of Circle of life.

During the intermission we met other well known fans and we were all wondering how would the second part look like.

8:25 pm and the second part begins...

Elton is now accompanied with the Royal academy of Music students. Elton and the band are on bright blocks. The students are directed by James Newton Howard.

During the whole show Im impressed by Elton voice, by the acoustic and by the talent of these young musicians.

Sometimes I even regret that we hear the band too much.

As an example, Believe is my favourite song and I was so pleased to see it on the program. But I must say that I was disappointed simply because during the instrumental part of the song, Daveys guitar was louder than the thirty or so violins!

But well, I must admit that these are details as this concert was so amazing!

Today I can say that from all the show I have attended, this one is surely the best and Im sure Ill never live such a concert in my life!

We were on a cloud and its now hard to come back down to earth!

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