Elton John World News: No war with Zellweger?

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Reports suggests they might al be pals after all

Friday 27 December 2002 @ 23:48 - GMT

There's no feud between Elton and actress Renee Zellweger, according to the Daily News' Daily Dish.

The Dish said: "Spies at the London premiere of Zellweger's movie Chicago claimed the Rocket Man and his boyfriend, David Furnish, were so worried about the actress' weight that they practically tried to force-feed her hors d'oeuvres. Although Furnish was at that premiere, Elton was doing a concert in Scotland and has since assured Zellweger he thinks she looks just fine."

[Ed. Nice try on the alibi. But this is not Daily Mirror, Bulimia allegations, High Court, London, 1993! In fact, UK tabloids reported earlier this month that Zellweger spoke to Elton on a mobile, so he could well have been miles away! You can read it all here. See links below!]

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