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Blue star spends £10,000 on Elton suit

Tuesday 10 December 2002 @ 22:55 - GMT

In a major boost to shop revenues, Boyband Blue singer and Elton fan Lee Ryan has spent £10,000 on a white sequined suit, once owned by Elton and London-based charity store Out the Closet IV.

Lee also bought leather and sheepskin trousers, while bandmates Duncan James, 23, and Anthony Costa, 21, splashed out on designer gear too.

Ryan bought the flamboyant outfit as part of a sale to raise money for Aids charities.


The suit, described as a Mozart-inspired frock coat and trousers, was worn by Elton during his Australian tour in 1986 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

It is one of 17,000 items being sold by Elton at the Regent Street store, reported The Sun newspaper on December 10, 2002.

A spokesman for Lee said: "He hasn't decided what to do with it yet."

A source said: "Elton agreed the price immediately. He was glad the piece was going to Lee.

"He obviously knows him from the single they have recorded together."

Elton and Blue are hoping for the Christmas No1 single with a cover version of Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

Eltons shop sale continues until the clothes run out.


A shop spokesman said: "We have raised over £200,000 and we still have a Versace suit donated by David Beckham."

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