Elton John World News: George Carman QC to retire

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Wednesday 30 August 2000 @ 3:44 - GMT

George Carman QC, one of Britain's most famous libel lawyers, announced on August 28, 2000, he's to retire.

Among his libel clients was Elton John, for whom he won damages of £350,000 in 1993 against the Sunday Mirror over an untrue story the singer was hooked on a "don't swallow and get thin" diet which was a form of bulimia. Damages were later reduced to £75,000 by the Court of Appeal.

70-year-old Carman represented cases involving magnate Mohamed al-Fayed against disgraced British MP Neil Hamilton, and trashed the libel case of disgraced British politician Jonathan Aitken, when he defended newspaper The Guardian. Carman also successfully represented comedian Ken Dodd on charges of income tax fraud.

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