Elton John World News: White Lady, White Powder

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Elton and the music fraternitys ugly flirtation with hard drugs revealed in Q Magazine

Saturday 6 January 2001 @ 14:28 - GMT

If you can remember Elton on drugs in the 1980s you were not intoxicating yourselves!

The February 2001 edition of Britains Q Magazine has a special report on the songs and artists which fell victim to hard drugs.

Among the artists is Elton. The two anecdotes cited are when in summer 1975, during the tribute Elton John Week, Elton decided to invite his whole family, including grandma, to his mansion in Los Angeles, swallowed a bottle of Valium tablets, and leapt into the outdoor swimming pool screaming he was going to die.

The other, less harrowing tale, was when on his wedding night February 14, 1984, Elton took four grammes of Cocaine to help him make it through the night!

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