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Blue court battle could be over today

Friday 27 June 2003 @ 15:16 - GMT

A London High Court dispute which began on June 26, 2003 between 1970s Scottish rockers Blue and a toyband called Blue -- both of whom share associations with Elton, could be settled as soon as June 27, 2003.Old Blue: L-R: Matt Nicholson, Hugh Nicholson, David Nicholson

The court case was tentatively scheduled to run until July 1, 2003.

The dispute surrounds rights to the band name "Blue".

The Scottish 1970s rockers are suing EMI/Virgin and the current toyband who recorded a number one hit with Elton, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word last November. Elton may be called as a witness.

New Blue: 3 chartoppers in 2 years
Scottish rockers Blue, are pursuing sizeable damages.

The new band Blue have had three number one hits since 2001.

Eltonjohnworld.com hopes to keep you informed of the verdict of the litigation which could force the successful new toyband to change its name.


Eltonjohnworld.com had the world scoop with reports of the litigation in July 2002. The story hasd since gained momentum across media desks.

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