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Video betrays some n-synch clapping!

Saturday 13 September 2003 @ 2:02 - GMT

Elton's 1979 classic Are You Ready For Love has been out as a non-dance single for the past 2 weeks, but how many of you have spotted the fact that some parts of the video are not in synch with the beat?

That's right, the CD single, which this time is only a one-part release, features a CD Rom video taped in 1979 in London or more likely in 1977 in the USA, and features intercut footage of Elton's 1975 Dodger Stadium gig.

But in the studio gallery, check out the fans and record staff lined up to clap to the beat. There are moments at the start and end of the video which are at least half a beat behind the rhythm.

The CD contents are:

  1. '79 Radio Edit
  2. Full length 1979 version
  3. Three Way Lover Affair
  4. CD Rom video of the song

The song hit number one in the UK charts on at the end of August, 2003.

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