Elton John World News: America no longer the land of Free

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Elton reacts after US elections

Sunday 7 November 2004 @ 20:42 - GMT

According to femalefirst.co.uk Elton said that "America is no longer the land of Free"

Elton believes Americans have been manipulated so much since the 11 September (01) attacks, they no longer live in a free country.

He admits the separation between Democrats and Republicans has saddened him a great deal, as have the terror alerts which have appeared on US TV since the devastating attacks.

He says, "The polarisation in this country worries me greatly. The atmosphere is so preposterous and sad. We were lied to, both in Britain and America.

"Here, a fear has been instilled in people since 9/11. When I see the orange alert on TV, I think, 'What's the point? Buy duct tape?'

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