Founder of Elite Menswear Company Returns to Cheryl's Specials

Written by Chief Editor.

In October 2014, Cheryl's Specials ran an interview with Thomas Cridland, whose clients include Nigel Olsson. The menswear company owner spoke about working with Nigel, and now has more news to share with us. . . .

EJW: You've previously fashioned trousers for Nigel and other members of Elton's group. More recently, though, you have been working on jackets. How many did you create for the musician, and what do they look like? Are they only worn onstage?

TC: The first ever 30 Year Jackets we made were specially for Nigel. We had Nigel’s “stick man” logo hand embroidered onto the back by our Portuguese production team and we sent them over to him as a special Christmas present. He sent us a lovely thank you note and said he would be wearing them onstage with Elton this summer at their Henley concert!

EJW: Who are some of your other customers?

TC: Aside from making clothing for Nigel, which is the name I am undoubtedly most proud of, we have had the huge honour of making trousers for Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, Daniel Craig, Ben Stiller, Jeremy Piven, Rod Stewart, Brandon Flowers, Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers, Michael Portillo, Stephen Merchant and Frankie Valli. We have customers on all five continents, which we’re extremely proud of!

EJW: Weren't you just 18 when you completed your first collection? What was that like?

TC: When I was 18, I designed some t-shirts with the slogan 'Swine 09' on the front during the height of the pandemic. I sold 300 in a week and donated the £3,000 in sales to Medicins Sans Frontiers. It gave me my first taste of entrepreneurship and I remember it being such a thrill, even though it was a charity venture not a money making exercise.

EJW: Your background also includes music. Do you still play drums?

TC: I’m currently writing a record with my mate Nick; it will be heavily influenced by the likes of the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby, Stills and Nash, James Taylor and of course Elton. I will play drums on it, and on the first of October, our band will be playing a charity gig at the 100 Club in aid of Deki.

EJW: You've mentioned the new 30 Year Jacket, which was launched over the weekend at your London store. How did the idea come about? Do you anticipate making others--beyond the 500 Limited Editions planned for 2016?

TC: Once we’d made those first even more limited edition 30 Year Jackets especially for Nigel, I knew we had a great design on our hands and that it would be a perfect fit for our final 30 Year project. We’ll probably always make 30 Year Jackets in Limited Edition runs, as it’s so important that jackets fit perfectly and we’d love to be able to take our customers’ custom measurements, even when it comes to jacket length. We’ll focus on the 2016 run first and I’m sure we will plan a further one in 2017.